We are calling on businesses to share insights on the challenges they encounter through poor regional transport and connectivity. Whether commuting, travelling on business, moving freight, accessing skilled workers or attracting inward investment, transport limitations act as a brake on economic growth and productivity.

Our Travel to Work campaign will identify key transport issues that are preventing businesses in metro regions from reaching their full economic potential and look at ways that these can be put right.

The first-ever National Infrastructure Assessment was published last year by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) to identify infrastructure needs across the country. Business thrives on the ability to move people, data and freight around at speed and with ease of connection. We believe that if the government sets the rules for sustainable development and enacts the NIC’s recommendation of £43 billion in transport investments to support regions outside London in the period to 2040, it would give a positive sign to investors, enhance regional growth and lead the UK towards long-term economic prosperity.

.A pipeline of strong investment in regional transport is essential to keeping Britain at the forefront of global trade especially with the backdrop of Brexit uncertainty. As three chambers covering Bristol, Manchester and London, we know that connectivity matters and yet travel between these regions and others in the UK is still too costly and time-consuming.

Over the coming months, we will hold a series of events to bring together business voices on the varied transport issues that impact regional economies, from commuting, access to skills, movement of freight and the bearing transport infrastructure has on inward investment and how we can help start to build the infrastructure the Uk needs.