Brexit Deal Business PM

Prime Minister, Theresa May addressed the Confederation of British Industry (CBI) annual conference today in an attempt to persuade UK business to rally around her Brexit plan.

As the PM appeals to business to back her Brexit deal, it offers an opportunity for us to reiterate the crucial issues for our members and to continue to push for the best possible deal for stability, confidence and prosperity.  

Access to Skills

In order to thrive, UK businesses need access to a global pool of talent. The UK government must work hard to minimise the onerous administrative burden, but also, it must ensure that skilled workers from the EU and beyond continue to feel welcome after Brexit. 

Frictionless Trade

Border delays and increased customs checks would set UK business at a distinct disadvantage from similar companies on the continent. Whether it is ‘just-in-time’ companies or the 1.6 million trucks that pass through the Channel Tunnel annually, the speed and ease with which we are able to navigate our borders will be key to ensuring that UK companies can compete internationally.  

Business Confidence

We have already spoken to businesses that have made the decision to move part of their operations to the EU due to the lack of meaningful reassurances. Our economic success depends on the confidence of businesses to invest in their own futures, something that is dampened by the uncertainty around Brexit. Beyond our own borders, our government must instil confidence in investment from overseas, and send an unequivocal message that the UK will remain open for business after Brexit.

Throughout our Terms of Trade campaign, we have amplified the voices of our members to ensure that the needs of UK business are a key consideration during the Brexit negotiations.

A no-deal Brexit would be harmful to UK business, and at this crucial juncture, the political uncertainty surrounding the deal is providing scant reassurance to UK business.

You can read the full text of the Prime Minister’s speech here.

As chambers of commerce representing London, Greater Manchester and Bristol we are continuing to gather evidence for a campaign – Terms of Trade: the reality of Brexit for business – exploring the everyday impacts of the most widely discussed Brexit scenarios on business through our members’ own insights. Email to share your views.