Terms of Trade

Businesses from across three chamber regions met in parliament earlier this week to discuss the potential impact of Brexit on regional economies and to call for greater clarity throughout the negotiation process.

As part of our Terms of Trade campaign, we urged MPs and Lords to ensure that the needs of regional businesses are given due priority in the coming months.

Since our campaign launch in parliament six months ago, we have spoken to hundreds of businesses from all three regions, led a delegation to Channel Tunnel to discuss the impact of border delays and interviewed Sir Keir Starmer, Shadow DeXEU Secretary in Bury on the impact of Brexit on regional business.

At the event, businesses spoke out on the impact Brexit is already having on their operations, workforce and their economic outlook more generally. A video of businesses from across the region illustrated just how pressing these issues are becoming with jobs being cut and operations being moved to Europe.

Matt Griffith, Director of Policy, Business West said:

“This event is part of our continuing efforts to engage with our MPs and Lords and raise the concerns of the businesses we represent ahead of the critical parliamentary votes to come. Our alliance gives us a voice at a national level that we wouldn’t have as individuals.”

To drive action, we launched a postcard campaign encouraging businesses to directly ask their MP to stand up for local and regional business and ensure that the voice of industry is heard as parliamentary negotiations on Brexit intensify in the coming weeks.Speakers included:

Colin Stanbridge, Chief Executive, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Adam Marshall, Director General, British Chamber of Commerce

Shaun Loughlin, Managing Director, Freestyle Xtreme

Lynne Makinson-Walsh, Director of People & Culture, Dreamr

As chambers of commerce representing London, Greater Manchester and Bristol we are continuing to gather evidence for a campaign – Terms of Trade: the reality of Brexit for business – exploring the everyday impacts of the most widely discussed Brexit scenarios on business through our members’ own insights. Email hello@chamber.online to share your views.