100 days to Brexit

With less than 100 days until the UK leaves the European Union we take a look at the current picture.

Back in March, we marked one year until Brexit with an article outlining the lack of clarity and the need for certainty to ensure that business has the confidence to continue to prosper. Almost nine months later, much has happened, but little has changed.

After an internal Conservative Party vote of confidence in the prime minister, Theresa May will continue to battle on to secure parliamentary backing for her deal but the EU has insisted that the negotiations are over, and the UK must either accept the deal on the table or leave in March without a deal.

Parliament now heads into a 17-day recess before reconvening in the new year with a ‘meaningful vote’ on May’s Brexit deal slated for the week of 14th January. As MPs leave Westminster, they will gain a stronger understanding of how their constituents and local Conservative Associations feel about the developments of the last few weeks and with a threat of a no-confidence vote still hanging over the government, the Conservatives will be keen to ensure that whoever occupies Downing Street is someone within their party.

As things stand, there is very little detail on what this might actually look like and whether it would be sufficient to ease the concerns of UK business. With the threat of no-deal looming the government must strive to provide concrete detail on the landscape of trade, borders and the economy after Brexit.

As chambers of commerce representing London, Greater Manchester and Bristol we are continuing to gather evidence for a campaign – Terms of Trade: the reality of Brexit for business – exploring the everyday impacts of the most widely discussed Brexit scenarios on business through our members’ own insights. Email hello@chamber.online to share your views.